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Calibration Of Torque Measuring Devices
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Calibration Of Torque Measuring Devices

A.1 Environmental conditions required for calibration: Calibration of torque measuring devices shall be performed at a stable temperature. This temperature shall be within 18 °C

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Concepts in Mass Metrology

Introduction There is a misconception that a weighing instrument measures weight. In fact, most accurate weighing instruments measure mass. Concepts in mass metrology states that

Drift Analysis
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Drift Analysis & Acceptance Crieteria

How to calculate the drift of an instrument Drift analysis in measuring instruments is essential in metrology. Before calculating the drift it is important to

Error and Uncertainty
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Error And Uncertainty

Error & Uncertainty The error of an instrument is the deviation from the true value of measurement. All that any measurement procedure can do is


Difference Between NABL & NPL

WHAT IS NABL The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories is an autonomous body that operates under the guidance of the Department of

Universal Testing Machine
Application Specific

UTM cannot be used to calibrate Load cells/Force transducers

Introduction to Universal Testing Machines  A universal testing machine (UTM), is also generally known as   Universal tester  Materials testing machine  Materials test frame  Force testing Machine   Tensile tester,   Compression tester   A

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