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Definition of Basic Technical Terms

The below given basic technical terms are often made use of to define the quality/quantity of readings that are displayed by specific instruments. We decipher

Compression force testing
Application Specific

Compression Force Testing

Compression force testing is used to determine how a product or material will behave when it is compressed, squashed, crushed or flattened. This is done

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5 Important Reasons For Uncertainty of measurement

What is Measurement? A measurement communicates the property of the measured object. Uncertainty of measurement is the doubt that exists regarding the value recorded during


Importance Of Torque tool calibration

a. Controlling the torque that is to be applied using a torque tool is important for companies to ensure that products manufactured by them maintain

Basics of Force, Torque and Pressure

FORCE TORQUE PRESSURE FORCE: Force is an external agent capable of changing the state of rest or motion of a particular body. It has magnitude

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